I about crapped myself when we started looking to replace the old glass doorknobs and hardware in our 1921 bungalow. That stuff can get expensive in a hurry. Then I found a cool set that had a nice old look without breaking the bank. I got them shipped to my door from Amazon(aff) right here. […]


My old house has a fireplace with a great spot above it for my flat screen, so I went on the hunt for a frugal option of mounting it up there. I found it. Amazon has this one on their site that claims to do a better job than the ones costing 3X as much. […]


Affordable Modern Fabric Blinds

January 31, 2014

If you are a subscriber, you know that we are remodeling a 1921 bungalow and have been buying most of our materials from Amazon. We like the prices and get it delivered to our door. Pretty convenient for us, but our latest purchase were these really cool blinds that we got from Lowes. I searched […]

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Wall Outlets With USB Chargers

November 10, 2013

I was on Amazon(aff) browsing (I do this a lot) the outlet and switch options available as I have been replacing all of them in my old bungalow when I came across outlets that have built in USB charging ports. When did these things come out anyway? It got added to my cart right then […]

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Best Camera Under $1000

November 9, 2013

After buying a couple regular cameras, I finally decided something of higher quality was going to be mandatory. My old ones were just too big, crappy in low light and just plain slow as hell. Then I got a Sony Alpha Nex 6 from Amazon(aff). In my opinion, it has all the good stuff from […]

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The Best Luxury Watches

October 8, 2012

Are you a man that cares about style? Then you’re probably looking to add a luxury watch to your collection that gets noticed. The features and benefits of luxury watches are different because these typically speak for themselves. They provide that extra look or glance and say something about the wrist they’re on. The price […]

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